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Frequently Asked Questions - Las Vegas, NV

Q: What information should I bring to Arris Tax Service?

A: Make sure to bring the following materials to your appointment:
  • Wage statements (Form W-2)
  • Pension, or retirement income (Forms 1099-R)
  • Social Security card(s)
  • Driver's license(s)
  • Dependents' Social Security numbers and dates of birth
  • Last year's tax return
  • Information on education expenses
  • Commissions received and/or paid
  • Information on the sales of stocks and/or bonds
  • Self-employed business income and expenses
  • Lottery and/or gambling winnings and losses
  • State refund amount
  • Social Security and/or unemployment income
  • Income and expenses from rentals
  • Alimony paid or received
  • Record of purchase or sale of real estate
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Real estate and personal property taxes
  • Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid
  • Cash and non-cash charitable donations
  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid (Form 1098)
  • Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related educational expenses
  • Childcare expenses and provider information
Q: How much does it cost to have my taxes prepared at Arris Tax Service?

A: The cost of tax preparation is based upon the complexity of your tax return. To learn more, please contact Arris Tax Service.
Q: What is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and am I eligible?

A: EITC, the Earned Income Tax Credit, sometimes called EIC is a tax credit to help you keep more of what you earned. It is a refundable federal income tax credit for low to moderate income working individuals and families. Congress originally approved the tax credit legislation in 1975 in part to offset the burden of social security taxes and to provide an incentive to work. When EITC exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it results in a tax refund to those who claim and qualify for the credit.
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